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Governor Whitmer Signs Bills to Protect Michigan Consumers, Other Legislation


March 10, 2022 



Governor Whitmer Signs Bills to Protect Michigan Consumers, Other Legislation


LANSING, Mich. - Governor Gretchen Whitmer today signed bills to strengthen consumer protections, promote social districts, and increase prescription drug access, among other legislation.


"Today I signed nine bipartisan bills, bringing the total bipartisan bills signed to 775 as we continue to bring Democrats and Republicans together to get things done for Michiganders," said Governor Whitmer. "These bills protecting consumers, expanding the availability of critical prescription drugs, lowering tax burdens on lumbermen, and more are examples of what we can do when we work together. I am committed to getting things done on the kitchen-table issues and will work with anyone to put Michigan first."


Protects Michigan Consumers 

House Bill 5294 establishes new consumer protections by requiring third-party entities to notify consumers if they offer online services similar to ones provided by state agencies or local governmental agencies.


House Bill 5294 was sponsored by Rep. Sarah Lightner, R - Springport, and a copy can be found here.


Social Districts

House Bill 5090 will permanently allow local governments to create social districts. The bill also modifies the hours in which alcohol can be consumed and streamlines licensing.  


House Bill 5090 was sponsored by Rep. T.C. Clements, R - Temperance, and a copy can be found here.


Increase Prescription Drug Access under Medicaid


Senate Bill 412 amends the Social Welfare Act to exempt additional drugs from the current prior authorization requirement under Medicaid, in effort to increase access to certain medications. The newly exempted drugs are those that treat HIV and those that treat opioid withdrawal symptoms.  


"Access to high quality medical care is essential, said Sen. Curtis Hertel, D-East Lansing. With the passage of this bill, we ensure that the most vulnerable Michiganders with the most vulnerable medical conditions don't wait a moment longer than they need to access the lifesaving care that they need to survive."


Senate Bill 412 was sponsored by Sen. Curtis Hertel, D - East Lansing, and a copy can be found here.


Incentivizes Tenants

House Bill 4693 increases the amount of rent a landlord can give a tenant for referring a prospective tenant from one-half month's rent to one month of rent.


House Bill 4693 was sponsored by Rep. Steven Johnson, R - Wayland, and a copy can be found here.


Updates Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act

House Bill 4152 decriminalizes many provisions regarding the Wildlife Conservation, Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Fishing Shanties, Marine Safety, and Snowmobiles parts of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. Under this bill, violations will no longer be considered misdemeanors and instead would be a civil infraction.


House Bill 4152 was sponsored by Rep. Gary Howell, R- North Branch, and a copy can be found here.


Tax Reciprocity Agreements

Together, House Bills 4976, 4977, and 4978 will simplify fuel tax reporting requirements for lumbermen traveling between Michigan and Wisconsin.


"We appreciate the Governor signing these bills that greatly assist the Timber Industry in Michigan," said Rep. Gregory Markkanen, R - Hancock. "We acknowledge the Bill's Cosponsors, the Department of Treasury for their patience and assistance and Industry stakeholders."


House Bills 4976, 4977 and 4978 were sponsored by Rep. Gregory Markkanen, R - Hancock, and copies can be found herehere, and here.


Updating Summer Resort and Park Association Act

Senate Bill 129 updates the governing provisions and debts/expenditure limits in the Summer Resort and Park Association Act.


"This is a common-sense piece of legislation to update an act that's over 100 years old," said State Senator Wayne Schmidt, R - Traverse City. "These revisions help preserve hospitality and family establishments as we encourage the next generation of Michiganders to continue these family traditions."


Senate Bill 129 was sponsored by Sen. Wayne Schmidt, R - Traverse City, and a copy can be

found here.



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