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Gov. Whitmer Statement on Another Strong Jobs Report


August 17, 2023



Gov. Whitmer Statement on Another Strong Jobs Report

Labor force increases by 23,000, 96,000 jobs added year over year, unemployment rate remains at lowest level in 23 years


LANSING, Mich. — Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued the following statement after Michigan’s unemployment rate remained at3.6% in July for the second consecutive month, the lowest unemployment rate in 23 years. The labor force participation rate increased, the labor force grew by 23,000, and the economy added 63,000 jobs year over year. 


“Michigan’s strong economic momentum continues.


“More Michiganders are working month after month. Our unemployment rate remains at its lowest level in 23 years, our labor force participation rate increased yet again, and the economy added 63,000 jobs year over year. 


“Michiganders are getting to work to provide for themselves and their families. Our responsibility is to have their backs. That’s why I recently signed a bipartisan budget making record investments in workforce programs, powering economic development, building housing, and lowering costs of school meals, housing, pre-K, higher education, and more. 


“Let’s keep growing our economy to help anyone ‘make it’ in Michigan.”


Another Strong Jobs Report

  • Unemployment rate remained at 3.6% in July, staying at the lowest rate in 23 years.
  • Since the mid-1970s, the unemployment rate only fell below 4.0% during three periods: periodically from 1998-2000, from November 2019 to March 2020 (during the Governor’s first year in office), and now, from April 2023-present.
  • Michigan recorded 4,439,000 payroll jobs, an increase of 63,000 over the year.
  • Labor force rose by 23,000 over the month and 96,000 over the year.
  • Labor force participation rate climbed to 61.0 percent this month.