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Gov. Whitmer, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist Statements on Rep. Schriver’s Racist Social Media Posts


February 9, 2024



Gov. Whitmer, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist Statements on Rep. Schriver’s Racist Social Media Posts


LANSING, Mich. – Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II released the following on recent statements from Representative Josh Schriver (R-Oxford).


Governor Whitmer Statement

“Michigan’s story is defined by generations of families from around the world who made this beautiful place their home. Black Americans who fled segregation in the South for a fair shot at a good life. Finns who settled the Upper Peninsula. Arab Americans who built Dearborn into a beacon of culture and an economic powerhouse. Deep-rooted Dutch communities along the shores of Lake Michigan. Every Michigander is defined by their love for their families, communities, and shared dreams for their children. That’s what makes us strong.


“The abhorrent rhetoric pushed by a member of the Michigan House of Representatives goes against our state and national values. We have a moral obligation to speak out against hatred. It is a failure of leadership for this kind of action to take place unchecked by the leaders of Rep. Schriver’s caucus, and the longer there is no action taken, the more responsibility leadership bears.


“We will never let those who stoke racial fears divide us. We will stand together and fight to build a brighter future.”


Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist Statement

"Racism is dark, dangerous, and disgraceful. Rep. Schriver's pedaling of the racist 'replacement theory' is a deplorable demonstration of his fear of a dynamic and diverse Michigan future where all of our people in every community can succeed.


"What is equally as abhorrent is the fact that this rhetoric has not been condemned in any serious way by Rep. Schriver's Republican Party counterparts. The silence is deafening.


"Our responsibility is to ensure that this darkness will not win. The vision Governor Whitmer and I have for Michigan, a vision that the vast majority of Michiganders share, is a welcoming, strong state where everyone can thrive. We will continue our work to ensure every single person—no matter who they are —feel welcomed, empowered, and respected in Michigan."