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Gov. Whitmer Highlights Increased Funding to Better Serve Michiganders


February 23, 2024



Gov. Whitmer Highlights Increased Funding to Better Serve Michiganders

New budget supports Michigan Department of Civil Rights, lowers costs, and expands mental health support for Michiganders


LANSING, Mich. -- Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer highlighted funding in her executive budget proposal that will help state government better serve Michiganders. The governor announced additional funding in her proposal for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) to investigate civil rights complaints and combat discrimination to better safeguard Michiganders’ basic rights. Additionally, the governor proposed a $9.2 million investment to make mental health crisis call lines and vital government services more accessible for Michiganders.


“Michiganders deserve a responsive state government that delivers critical services they rely on,” said Governor Whitmer. “In my executive budget for fiscal year 2025, I proposed a $9.2 million investment to make our mental health crisis line and government service line more accessible. Getting this done will ensure that Michiganders who need help with a crisis or accessing essential services like food and housing assistance can receive it more efficiently. I also announced additional funding for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights so they can investigate complaints and combat discrimination more effectively. I will work with anyone to make our state government work better for Michiganders by cutting red tape and investing in critical services.”


Services like receiving food assistance, affordable housing and paying bills will be made wildly accessible for lower income families. Specifically, the budget will help those in need of mental health support and services while lowering costs. These investments provide an example of how Governor Whitmer is working to make the state government more inclusive by cutting red tape around the programs that are needed the most.


Michigan’s Crisis and Access Line (MiCal)


The Michigan Crisis and Access Line (MiCAL) is a 988 statewide crisis and access line. The Michigan Legislature gave Michigan a head start in developing a comprehensive statewide call center by codifying and funding the Michigan Crisis and Access Line back in 2020. MiCAL is staffed by Common Ground with call specialists from over 18 different counties across the state of Michigan, both in the lower and upper peninsula. Common Ground has over 50 years of experience operating a crisis line and also operates mobile crisis and a crisis stabilization unit‐like facility.


Michigan 211


Michigan 2-1-1 is a free confidential service that connects Michigan residents with help and answers from thousands of health and human service agencies and resources within their communities.


Michigan Department of Civil Rights


The MDCR investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination in employment, education, housing public accommodation, law enforcement and public service. For more information or to file a complaint by appointment please visit Office Locations (