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Gov. Whitmer Opens First-Ever Michigan Office on Mission to Taiwan to Compete for Jobs and Bring Supply Chains Home


March 4, 2024



Gov. Whitmer Opens First-Ever Michigan Office on Mission to Taiwan to Compete for Jobs and Bring Supply Chains Home 


LANSING, Mich. — Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer began a five-day investment mission in Taiwan and South Korea. During the trip, the governor announced the opening of the Michigan Taiwan Office and focused on securing investments in key industries like automotive, semiconductors, renewable energy and advanced manufacturing to create good-paying jobs and bring critical supply chains back home to Michigan. 


“We are sharing our story around the world and competing with other nations to bring jobs, projects, and supply chains back home to Michigan,” said Governor Whitmer. “On this economic development mission, I am excited to open the Michigan Taiwan Office and continue forging strong relationships with partners around the globe. Team Michigan stands united as we work together to build a brighter future. Through our innovative businesses and comprehensive economic development efforts, we are all working together to build something special here. As governor, I will continue to go anywhere and work with anyone to grow our economy and ensure anyone ‘make it’ in Michigan.”


State of Michigan Taiwan Office and Investments Announced


The first day of the investment mission also brought with it the announcement and celebration of Michigan’s first-ever Taiwan office. Established by the State of Michigan and administered by the MEDC, the State of Michigan Taiwan Office will focus on investment promotion and building ties between Michigan and Taiwan in the semiconductor and electric vehicle industries, among others.  

During the Michigan Taiwan Office opening reception, the governor also celebrated the announcement of three investment projects by Taiwanese firms that are looking to ‘Make It in Michigan’:

  • Tung Thih Electronics (TTE), a Taiwanese maker of automotive radars systems, will expand its R&D and manufacturing operations at a new location in Northville, Michigan. 
  • TYC Americas, a Taiwanese maker of automotive lighting, will expand its R&D presence at a new location in Wixom, Michigan.
  • Sumeeko, a Taiwanese maker of automotive fasteners, will expand its manufacturing operations at a new location in Fraser, Michigan.

While in Taiwan, the governor will meet with companies including Delta Electronics and AUO Corporation, as well as Taiwan authorities to discuss investment opportunities and partnerships in global industries such as mobility, semiconductors, and advanced manufacturing to underscore why Michigan is the premier place for Taiwanese companies to do business. The governor will also be visiting the American Institute in Taiwan, connecting with alumni groups from the University of Michigan and Michigan State University and participating in a semiconductor roundtable to discuss Michigan’s leadership in the industry.


Governor Whitmer’s Efforts to Secure Jobs and Investment


This builds on Governor Whitmer’s previous work securing jobs and investments from overseas. In September 2023, the governor led her first economic investment mission to Japan; during the investment mission, Governor Whitmer secured a $63 million investment from DENSO for its Battle Creek thermal manufacturing facility to retool production lines. 


As part of a mission to Paris and Germany in June 2023, the governor announced engineering services provider Expleo USA Inc. would be establishing its first North American research and development facility in Michigan. And during her business trip to Norway in January 2023, the governor also secured Nel Hydrogen's investment of up to $400 million to build its new automated gigafactory in Plymouth Charter Township.


Members of Michigan’s Delegation


Joining the governor will be Michigan Economic Development Corporation CEO Quentin L. Messer, Jr., Office of Future Mobility and Electrification chief mobility officer Justine Johnson, and other MEDC officials; Oakland County Executive David Coulter; representatives from Michigan’s university ecosystem including Leo Kempel, dean of engineering at Michigan State University, Valeria Bertacco, vice provost for engaged learning at University of Michigan, and Bill Pink, president of Ferris State University and member of the MEDC executive committee; Sarah Gonzales, director of state and local government affairs with Delta Air Lines; Simon Whitelocke, president of ITC Michigan; Paul Van Oss, business manager for IBEW Local 58 (Detroit); and partners from local economic development organizations including Kevin Johnson, president and CEO of Detroit Economic Growth Corporation; and Oakland County Director of Economic Development Jeanne Broad.


“I am honored to join Governor Whitmer and Team Michigan’s delegation to deepen our partnerships in South Korea and Taiwan that will create new opportunities for our friends and neighbors back home,” Messer said. “This trip is a critical part of the ‘Make It in Michigan’ economic development strategy of presenting the Michigan value proposition in-market to Korean and Taiwanese businesses and citizens. Korean and Taiwanese businesses have invested in our state and will continue to create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities that will benefit People, revitalize Places and create Projects across both peninsulas. As we have proven in prior missions to Europe and Asia and now in Korea and Taiwan, Team Michigan will travel anywhere to let people know that they have a future here in Michigan.”


The economic development mission is supported by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Michigan Economic Development Foundation, an independent not-for-profit organization that serves to help promote and fund economic development efforts in Michigan that create private investments and increase jobs and wages.