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December 2021: Career Exploration and Awareness Month

WHEREAS, it is critical for Michiganders to understand the many career pathways available to them and to have the resources and tools to actively engage in career exploration throughout their life; and,


WHEREAS, the state faces an urgent and growing need for talent, and to meet that need many more people must earn college degrees, certificates, industry certifications and other high-quality credentials; and,


WHEREAS, the state has set forth a goal of reaching 60% postsecondary educational attainment rate by 2030; and,


WHEREAS, the many programs and services the state provides help upskill and provide free education pathways to in-demand careers; and,


WHEREAS, parents, counselors, educators, coaches, and influencers of the state's young people and job seekers should have meaningful conversations with them about the different career options available to them, as many Michigan students and job seekers are without the knowledge of the skills needed for high-demand, high-wage careers; and,


WHEREAS, these conversations must continue as individuals navigate career options and make changes in their employment and education; and, 


WHEREAS, employers also need to find the right talent who possess skills to move their businesses forward in order to grow and compete in a rapidly changing marketplace; and,


WHEREAS, there are several career planning tools available to Michiganders, whether they are just launching a career or re-entering the workforce; and,


WHEREAS, the Michigan Works! network assists employers across industry sectors in establishing training programs such as registered apprenticeships and expanding existing training programs, and this system also helps job seekers in connecting to these career opportunities to create a diverse pipeline of skilled workers to meet the industry's talent needs; and,


WHEREAS, Michigan has made career exploration tools, like the Michigan Career and Education Pathfinder, available to assist residents with career exploration and identifying educational opportunities throughout the state; and,


WHEREAS, our residents must better understand they have many career pathways which include pursuing stackable credentials, certificates and degrees, and we must better prepare Michigan residents to understand the workplace of today and the future requires lifelong learning;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim December 2021 as Career Exploration and Awareness Month in Michigan.