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October 2022: Library Appreciation Month

WHEREAS, the Michigan Library Association (MLA) annually designates the month of October as a statewide observance to celebrate the contributions of Michigan's public, school, academic, tribal, cooperative and special libraries; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan’s libraries continue to evolve and expand their services and now offer more programs, events, services, resources, and collections than ever to serve and support their communities; and,

WHEREAS, libraries are now dynamic centers of discovery and lifelong learning – serving as concert venues, art galleries, tourist destinations, meeting spaces, community living rooms, makerspaces, study rooms and more; and,

WHEREAS, libraries now offer patrons much more to borrow than books, including tablets and laptops, mobile hotspots, tools, games, movies, music and more – serving as an indispensable resource for children, teens, adults and seniors; and,

WHEREAS, libraries provide free access to information to all Michiganders allowing them to explore and discover a vast world of information and entertainment; and,

WHEREAS, libraries provide materials and programs that are as diverse as the people they serve, all while protecting patron privacy and supporting the right to read; and,

WHEREAS, libraries serve as the primary point of access for people without internet or access to computers, enabling everyone to connect to the people and ideas of the world; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan libraries are indispensable educational and cultural institutions in the heart of our communities, offering Michiganders a place to gather, socialize, study and learn; and,

WHEREAS, hundreds of libraries and millions of library supporters across Michigan are celebrating Michigan Library Appreciation Month this October; 

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 2022 as Michigan Library Appreciation Month. During this time, I encourage all residents to visit their library in person or virtually to connect to the services, resources and collections their library provides.