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October 5, 2022: Energy Efficiency Day

WHEREAS, energy efficiency is a key pillar to combatting climate change and can halve the United States of America’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and Michigan is committed to reducing energy use in all current and future state facilities; and,

WHEREAS, energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest, and cleanest way to meet Michigan’s energy needs, avoid dangerous pollution, and reduce utility bills for residents and businesses in our communities; and,

WHEREAS, implementing energy efficiency and other clean energy policies and programs can help boost economic opportunities and job creation, while continuing to move Michigan toward a sustainable future; and,

WHEREAS, smarter energy use reduces the amount of electricity needed to power our lives, which helps avoid power plant emissions that can harm our health, pollute our air, and contribute to climate change; and,

WHEREAS, the residents of Michigan can continue to contribute to the state’s energy efficiency efforts by learning about and participating in the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy’s (EGLE) Catalyst Communities Initiative through its Energy Services Program; and,

WHEREAS, EGLE’s Energy Services Program promotes energy efficiency through grants and funding opportunities for lighting retrofits, equipment upgrades, and energy-related implementation projects; and,

WHEREAS, cutting energy waste saves United States households billions of dollars on their utility bills every year—up to $500 per household from appliance efficiency standards alone; and,

WHEREAS, improved energy codes for homes and commercial buildings also can significantly reduce utility costs and create new jobs; and,

WHEREAS, jobs in the energy efficiency sector are local, good-paying, and cannot be outsourced, and participants in the Futures for Frontliners and Michigan Reconnect Grant programs are urged to explore clean energy training at community colleges, private businesses, or union training centers throughout Michigan; and,

WHEREAS, a nationwide network of energy efficiency groups and partners has designated the first Wednesday in October as national annual Energy Efficiency Day; and,

WHEREAS, together, we can continue to contribute to our sustainability efforts by learning more about energy efficiency and practicing smarter energy use in our daily lives;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 5, 2022, as Energy Efficiency Day in Michigan. I urge citizens to join us in supporting our clean energy goals and moving toward more energy efficiency now and in the future.