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April 6, 2023: Women of Color in Tech Day

WHEREAS, the State of Michigan is proud to join NPower and their local and national partners to celebrate the third annual National Women of Color in Tech Day; and,

WHEREAS, this year’s theme is How to Enter, Persist, & Thrive in Tech; and,

WHEREAS, technology is one of the main drivers of the American economy, generating a growing demand for talent that outpaces the supply of skilled workers; and,

WHEREAS, experts project tech sector employment to grow the fastest rate of all occupations, adding over 540,000 new jobs nationwide by 2028; and,

WHEREAS, according to CompTIA, the tech sector in Michigan has a direct impact of $37.1 billion annually, accounting for 7.7% of the state’s economy; and,

WHEREAS, across the nation, only 4% of technology professionals are women of color despite comprising 20% of the American population; a dynamic that is amplified in cities like Detroit where workers of color are disproportionately represented in lower-paying, lower-opportunity occupations while being underrepresented in higher-wage, high-growth careers; and, 

WHEREAS, fair representation in the region would cause average annual incomes to increase by 79% for Black women and 47% for Latinas, enabling them to support themselves and their families, reinvest in their communities, and start their own businesses; and, 

WHEREAS, we join with NPower to envision a future where our technology workforce is diverse, and there are paths for all people to succeed in the digital economy;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim April 6, 2023, as Women of Color in Tech Day in Michigan.