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May 2023: Military Appreciation Month

WHEREAS, Michigan has a long history of supporting the U.S. military dating back to the early days of our great nation. From our critical support of Union efforts during the Civil War to the vital role we played building the Arsenal of Democracy during World War II, there is no question of our state's commitment to the armed forces; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan’s success would not be possible without the brave men and women who have chosen to serve in our armed forces, whose service reflects the resilient spirit and patriotism embodied by so many of our citizens; and,

WHEREAS, members of the Michigan National Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers stepped forward and assisted in a number of crucial capacities during the state's COVID-19 response, addressing the needs of our citizens during that critical time; and,

WHEREAS, in addition to those who serve, there are several Veterans Service Organizations that reflect a strong advocacy tool for those who serve and have served, and demonstrate Michigan's unique position to support our military through the work of our higher education institutions and our manufacturing community; and,

WHEREAS, the Air Force Association, the Association of the United States Army, the National Guard Association of Michigan, the Navy League of the United States, the National Defense Industrial Association, and the Women in Defense in Michigan provide critical resources and advocate on behalf of service members and their families; and,

WHEREAS, as Michigan continues to focus on the future and identify ways to grow our economy, the military will be a critical partner alongside these organizations to ensure that we have one shared voice and mission; and, 

WHEREAS, the creation of new jobs and industries will support the men and women who have served and continue to serve in our armed forces. Our efforts in expanding this segment of our economy must focus on supporting these brave Michiganders;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim May 2023 as Military Appreciation Month in Michigan.