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June 30, 2023: Arthrogryposis Awareness Day

WHEREAS, Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC) means more than three joint contractures in two areas of the body prior to birth, and any joint can be involved; and,

WHEREAS, a joint contracture is a joint that lacks normal range of motion, or in other words, the joints are stiff and stuck; and,

WHEREAS, this condition occurs in 1 in 3,000 live births and is a non-progressive condition, although contractures can recur after treatment; and,

WHEREAS, there are approximately 400 types of arthrogryposis, with about 43% of diagnoses being the amyoplasia type; and,

WHEREAS, 20-30% of babies born with AMC will die in the newborn period because of lethal genetic types or severe central nervous system dysfunction; and,

WHEREAS, common joint contractures include clubbed feet or vertical talus, extended or flexed knees, dislocated and/or externally rotated hips, internally rotated shoulders, extended or flexed elbows, flexed wrists, adducted thumbs, and fingers fisted or extended; and, 

WHEREAS, treatment often includes stretching the joints multiple times per day; serial casting; physical, occupational, and speech therapy; splinting and bracing; tendon releases and lengthening; osteotomies; and external fixators; and, 

WHEREAS, there is no cure for AMC, but regular treatment can improve range of motion and foster independence; and,

WHEREAS, more research is needed to identify the causes of AMC and improve treatment and outcomes;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim June 30, 2023, as Arthrogryposis Awareness Day in Michigan.