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August 14, 2023: Military Marriage Day

WHEREAS, August 14, 2023, marks the third anniversary of Military Marriage Day; and, 

WHEREAS, Michigan joins partners across the state in recognizing Military Marriage Day celebrating the strength of military marriages that are so important to the strength and readiness of our force; and, 

WHEREAS, the impact of divorce during military service is disruptive to the well-being of the service member, sends ripples that fracture service families, hinders the mission, and causes financial strain and stress to an already challenging lifestyle; and, 

WHEREAS, Military Marriage Day aims to celebrate and reaffirm the importance of strong military marriages and families; and, 

WHEREAS, by supporting Military Marriage Day, Michigan hopes to bring focus to the importance of strong military marriages that fosters greater well-being and mission readiness; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan is proud to support Military Marriage Day and urges local units of government throughout the state to raise awareness of the need to strengthen and support military marriages; 

NOW, THEREFORE,I,Gretchen Whitmer,governor ofMichigan,do hereby proclaim August 14, 2023, as Military Marriage Day in Michigan to celebrate our married men and women serving in uniform, and encourage all residents to recognize and honor the married service members in our community.