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February 26 - March 1, 2024: Michigan Supply Chain Week

WHEREAS, Michigan is proud to be home to a vibrant and diverse range of industries that play pivotal roles in state, national, and international supply chains; and,

WHEREAS, From automotive manufacturing to technology development, healthcare innovation to agriculture, these industries serve as the backbone of our state's economy, fostering innovation, collaboration, and prosperity; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan boasts the highest density of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the country, with supply chains in the automotive and semiconductor sectors continuing to expand in Michigan, fortifying Michigan as a hub for innovation, advanced manufacturing, and clean energy; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan is committed to bringing supply chains home, creating good-paying jobs, and leading the future of critical industries with economic development tools like the Make it in Michigan Competitiveness Fund and the new Battery and Advanced Manufacturing Challenge; and,

WHEREAS, As our state's economy continues to grow and compete globally, we must continue to invest in our people and communities to attract and retain manufacturing and supply chain operations, ensuring Michigan remains a top destination for business investment and that anyone can ‘Make it in Michigan’; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan Supply Chain Week presents an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the dedication, hard work, and innovation of all those involved in creating and sustaining the supply chains that drive our economy forward, and recommit our efforts to bring supply chains back home to Michigan, bolstering local industries and communities;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim February 26 – March 1, 2024, as Michigan Supply Chain Week in Michigan.