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April 2024: Community College Month

WHEREAS, there are 31 Community and Tribal colleges in Michigan providing job training for students to ensure the sustainability of Michigan’s workforce for the years to come; and,

WHEREAS, Community College Month is a time for us to acknowledge community colleges and the important contributions they make to the richness and accessibility of post-secondary education; and,

WHEREAS, the leaders and staff of Michigan’s community colleges are fully devoted to the praiseworthy mission of providing relevant academic and technical coursework leading to industry-recognized credentials; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan’s outstanding community colleges enroll 280,000 students, grant 19,900 degrees each year, 7,000 certificates each year, and 52% of students who earn bachelor’s degrees in Michigan have completed courses at a community college; and,

WHEREAS, investing in community colleges helps meet the real and immediate challenges to economic development, student achievement, and competitiveness; and,

WHEREAS, students of all ages and backgrounds who attend community and tribal colleges receive a superb education and earn degrees, certificates, and training that help them become skilled members of a workforce that powers economic growth; and, 

WHEREAS, the strength and success of Michigan’s community colleges, the vitality of its communities, and the effectiveness of our American society depend upon Michigan’s strong community and tribal colleges;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim April 2024 as Community College Month in Michigan.