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April 2-8, 2024: Dark Sky Week

WHEREAS, empirical evidence shows the negative effects light pollution has on both the human population and environmental health; and,

WHEREAS, using inefficient outdoor lighting causes light pollution and obstructs the full view of the amazing Michigan sky and its surrounding environment; and,

WHEREAS, we can take steps to minimize the issues associated with light pollution, and preserve the beauty of our environment and night sky; and,

WHEREAS, there are nine dedicated land areas in Michigan, three of which are internationally designated dark sky parks and six of which are designated dark sky preserves in Michigan state parks; and,

WHEREAS, because Michigan is dedicated to the preservation of dark skies, dark sky preserves have been dedicated at: Lake Hudson Recreation Area, Lenawee County; Negwegon State Park, Alcona County; Port Crescent State Park, Huron County); Rockport Recreation Area, Presque Isle County; Thompson's Harbor State Park, Presque Isle County; and Wilderness State Park, Emmet County; and,

WHEREAS, our state is known for three internationally designated dark sky parks, Headlands International Sky Park in Mackinaw City, Dr. T.K Lawless Park in Vandalia, and Keweenaw Dark Sky Park in Copper Harbor; and, 

WHEREAS, Beaver Island is seeking to become the first officially recognized international dark sky sanctuary in Michigan for its near absence of all light pollution which provides an extraordinary experience for stargazers; and,

WHEREAS, these parks are designated areas that allow for thousands of Michiganders and tourists to experience the true beauty of the Michigan night sky and observe the wonder of meteorological events such as the Northern Lights; and, 

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim April 2-8, 2024, as Dark Sky Week in Michigan.