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May 2024: Professional Trades Month

WHEREAS, across the nation, many highly-skilled workers in a multitude of professional trades in the construction, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, mobility, and service industries fulfill critical needs in businesses; and,

WHEREAS, the professional trades community binds our country as we rely on them to produce and repair our cars, build our electric vehicle future, install and fix plumbing, build our roads and hoes, draw our blood, care for our children while we work, and make sure our computer networks run efficiently, among many other duties; and,

WHEREAS, as Michigan’s economy continues to grow and become more competitive, it is necessary for Michigan to promote, support, and educate the people who have chosen one of many essential skilled careers; and,

WHEREAS, professional trades are in high demand in Michigan; and,

WHEREAS, professional trades will account for just over 520,000 jobs in the Michigan economy through 2030, and approximately 45,500 job openings are expected annually in the state during this time; and,

WHEREAS, opportunities exist in a variety of in-demand and emerging industries including advanced manufacturing, construction, education, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, mobility, and many other career fields that require a degree or certificate beyond high school; and, 

WHEREAS, Michigan has a strong history of Registered Apprenticeship Programs in professional skilled trades that train the majority of Department of Labor Registered Apprentices across multiple industries; and, 

WHEREAS, efforts like the State Apprenticeship Expansion program, Michigan Reconnect, and the Michigan Achievement Scholarship build on this foundation by addressing the skilled talent needs of employers and providing pathways to high-skill, high-wage, in-demand jobs for Michiganders; and, 

WHEREAS, during the month of May, we join the rest of the nation in honoring those in the professional trades, showing the value of professional trades, and focusing on promoting educational opportunities and career awareness;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim May 2024 as Professional Trades Month in Michigan.