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Executive Directive 2019 - 05

Michigan residents deserve the utmost confidence in the integrity of state government.  State government must be open, transparent, and accountable to Michigan taxpayers.

The use of private email to conduct state business is inconsistent with these objectives and wrong.

Acting pursuant to Article 5, §§ 1 and 8 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963, I therefore direct the following:

  1. Department directors and autonomous agency heads shall prohibit the use of private email for the conduct of state business within the executive branch of state government.  All state business conducted by email must be sent using a state email address.
  2. Conversely, state email must not be used for non-state activity.
  3. State emails may not be disposed of by a state department or autonomous agency except in compliance with an applicable record retention schedule.
  4. Violations of this directive must be reported to the Governor’s Chief Compliance Officer.

Your cooperation in complying with this directive is appreciated.

Gretchen Whitmer

Executive Directive 2019-05.pdf