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Executive Order 2019-11 - Declaration of State of Emergency



No. 2019-11


Declaration of State of Emergency


This week southeastern Michigan experienced heavy and damaging rainfall. Wayne County was among the most severely impacted areas. This event created dangerous flooding throughout many areas of Wayne County and caused power outages, hazardous driving conditions, and increased emergency vehicle response time due to inaccessible roadways and bridges. According to the National Weather Service, a flood watch remains in effect through the morning of Friday, May 3, 2019.


In response, Wayne County has taken several actions that include declaring a local state of emergency; activating its disaster response and recovery operation; evacuating and providing shelter to affected residents; and issuing emergency public information.

The assistance of voluntary organizations and the state are required to protect public health, safety, and property, and to lessen or avert more severe and lasting harm to the community.


Under the Emergency Management Act, 1976 PA 390, MCL 30.403(4), “[t]he governor shall, by executive order or proclamation, declare a state of emergency if he or she finds that an emergency has occurred or that the threat of an emergency exists.” Therefore, acting pursuant to the Michigan Constitution of 1963 and Michigan law, including the Emergency Management Act, 1976 PA 390, MCL 30.401 to 30.421, I order the following:



1.            A state of emergency is declared for Wayne County.

2.            The Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division of the Department of State Police shall coordinate and maximize all state efforts and may call upon all state departments to utilize available resources to assist in the designated area pursuant to the Michigan Emergency Management Plan.

3.            The state of emergency is terminated at such time as the threats to public health, safety, and property caused by the emergency no longer exist, and appropriate programs have been implemented to recover from the effects of this emergency, but in no case later than May 13, 2019, unless extended as provided by 1976 PA 390, as amended.


Given under my hand and the great seal of the State of Michigan.