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Executive Directive 2020 - 12



No. 2020-12



To:       State Department Directors and Autonomous Agency Heads

From:  Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Date:   December 30, 2020

Re:       Lifting the moratorium on state hiring


On March 30, 2020, citing the uncertain financial risks presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, I set a moratorium on state hiring, creation of new positions, filling vacant positions, transfers, and promotions. Since then, the pandemic has unearthed a host of new challenges that require a robust public response. Without the ability to hire, our capacity to rise to these challenges will be impaired. And while we must proceed with caution, the state’s fiscal position has begun to stabilize. In light of these considerations, I am now lifting the moratorium imposed by Executive Directive 2020-4.

Acting under sections 1 and 8 of article 5 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963, I direct that Executive Directive 2020-4 is rescinded.

This directive is effective immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation in implementing this directive.