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Raffle Tickets


What is a Raffle?

In 2023, organizations with a raffle license issued through Charitable Gaming, generated over 90 million in raffle ticket sales.  A raffle is a game of chance where raffle tickets are sold, a winner(s) is determined by conducting a random drawing, and a prize is awarded. Consideration, chance and prize together equal a gambling event that is likely going to require a license.  Even a 50/50 requires a license.  There are three raffle license types, small, large, and combination (large and small on one license).  Charity game tickets can be sold under a large raffle license during the hours on the license.

 If you are unsure if your event requires a license contact our office at or 517-335-5780. 

Qualification Requirements

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Raffle Tickets

Getting Started

Apply for a Raffle

A qualified organization can apply for a Raffle License. For drawing dates awarding no more than $500 in prizes, the cost is $15 for up to three drawing dates and $5 for every additional date. To be able to award an unlimited amount in prizes, the license will cost $50 per drawing date.  Print off and mail along with the appropriate fee.




To cancel a raffle, notify our office in writing, contact all ticket purchasers, and provide a refund.  If you have presold tickets and the raffle drawing is postponed, notify our office in writing with a new date.  If you don't know the new date, please state in your notification that you will contact us in writing when you have a new date.  Then contact all ticket purchasers to offer a refund or inform them that their ticket will still be valid for the new drawing.  If you plan to sell more tickets you'll need to correct the drawing date on your tickets.


Raffle Guide

The raffle guide helps the organization in applying for a raffle license, preparing for the event, and what to do after the event has happened. 


Raffle FAQs

This list of the most frequently asked questions might take care of any questions you have. Otherwise, contact our office with any further questions at 517-335-5780.


Service Compensation Schedule

This schedule indicates the maximum amount that can be paid to a chairperson, recordkeeper, person preparing the financial statement, or other workers.

Service Compensation Schedule

Tax Information

Organizations that sell charity game tickets should be aware of their federal tax responsibilities. Organizations that award a raffle prize greater than $599 or a bingo prize greater than $1,199 should be aware of player withholding responsibilities.  These obligations are described in these links.  

Federal Tax withholdings for gambling winnings information

Michigan Tax withholdings for gambling winnings information