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  • 2019-2022 WHV Strategic Plan Cover 2019-2022 Women's Huron Valley Strategic Plan PDF icon

    In 2018, the MDOC launched a Gender Informed Practice Assessment at Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility. That assessment, and related work to learn what the department was doing well and what it could improve upon, led to the creation of this Strategic Plan. It is designed to make sure the facility offers programs and care that is gender responsive, trauma-informed and evidence-based and also focuses on the needs and professional development of the department's dedicated and valuable staff at WHV.

  • MDOC Staff Wellness MDOC Staff Wellness Study

    Help does exist and is available to you at any time. Contact the employee wellness unit at mdoc-wellness@michigan.gov. You can also call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, Safe Call Now at 206-459-3020, Employee Service Program at 800-521-1377 or visit MDOC Employee Service Program Page.

  • 2019-2022 Strategic Plan Cover 2019-2022 Strategic Plan PDF icon

    In May 2019, the Michigan Department of Corrections released the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. This ambitious plan sets us on a course to make large and fundamental changes to the way we operate, the way we work with each other and assist those under our supervision.


  • MDOC Recycles Department announces recycling initiatives, releases new Recycling Manual

    The Michigan Department of Corrections is focused on serving the state by protecting the public and improving lives. As part of the efforts to make Michigan a better and safer place to live, the department has made it a priority to improve recycling practices and ensure we are a responsible steward of our environment.

  • One Day With God Camp Prisoners get one special day to parent behind bars

    Mothers incarcerated at the Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility share one special day with their children full of hugs, tears, and laughter. The One Day With God camp was created by, Forgiven Ministries, a North Carolina-based non-profit, which has been putting on the camps in prisons around the country since 2004. The goal of the camps is to bring parents together with their children – who are the forgotten victims of the crimes their parents committed – with the goal that the children do not fall into the cycle of criminality their parents did. 

  • Listen to the Michigan Department of Corrections' podcast Field Days

    Field Days podcast features news and hot topics related to the Michigan Department of Corrections. Hosts Greg Straub, Chris Gautz and Noah Nagy offer witty banter and fun to their listeners. Tune in every week on Tuesdays for a new episode. Please subscribe and review the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud to help others find the show. Find the podcast on iTunes: bit.ly/FieldDaysiTunes or on SoundCloud: bit.ly/fielddayspodcast

  • Michigan Department of Corrections to send real-time public safety messages through Nixle

    Michigan residents will be able to receive critical public safety alerts from the Michigan Department of Corrections through a new community notification system designed to provide real-time information via text, email and social media.

    The department is using Nixle, a mass communications platform, to share alerts regarding emergency situations, training exercises, and other important events with residents around the state. Schools, local governments and businesses can also sign up to receive alerts through the system.

    Alerts can be targeted geographically or sent statewide, and can be delivered via text, email, voice messages, the internet, social media and the Nixle mobile app. 

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