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Military and Veteran Career Opportunities

“Committed To Protect, Dedicated To Success”

The Michigan Department of Corrections is a great opportunity for veterans and those currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves who are looking to use their military skills and training to continue their service to our state. MDOC employees are expected to perform in a value-based culture like the military where concepts such as integrity, teamwork, leadership, excellence, respect, and loyalty are instilled in everything we do. This is one of the many reasons why nearly 1,500 veterans and service members have chosen to work for MDOC. 


The MDOC offers benefits exclusive to our Military and Veteran Employees.

  • Veterans’ Preference during the selection process for eligible candidates
  • Special credit for annual leave and longevity. Employees can count up to five years of honorable service towards the computation of these compensation benefits. 
  • Up to 15 days of supplemental pay for Military Training Duty, if applicable.
  • Supplemental pay and retaining medical benefits for the duration of an Emergency Duty Activation (mobilizations and deployments), if applicable.
  • Learn more about MDOC’s Military and Veterans compensation rules here.
  • Guaranteed job interview for Regular Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve Soldiers who participate in the Army’s Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program. Sign up here.
  • E6 Experience Waiver instead of bachelor’s degree for the following positions:
    1. Departmental Analyst
    2. Human Resources Developer
    3. Human Resources Analyst
      *Learn more about this new hiring initiative here.

Correction Officers Education Qualification Waiver and Vocational School

Your time serving our country provides a unique opportunity to substitute MDOC’s education requirement with your successful completion of basic training to become a Corrections Officer. The process to become a Corrections Officer includes an 8-week corrections officer academy and 2-months of on-the-job training all while being paid as MDOC employees. After successful completion of the corrections officer academy, you may apply to use your GI Bill benefits during your first year of probationary employment (considered a vocational school) to receive a monthly stipend from the VA. This career field and many others within MDOC will allow you to work towards a new mission that has a positive impact on your community. Learn more about the various career opportunities with MDOC here.


MDOC Careers in Health Care and Skilled Trades

The State of Michigan and LARA are providing many licensure benefits for eligible service members, veterans, and their spouses. These benefits could include license reciprocity with another state, utilizing military experience towards licensing, or fee waivers. Contact LARA at 517-335-9700 and ask to speak to a Veteran Liaison in the professional area you are interested in.


Join Our Team Today!

The MDOC is dedicated to helping our service men and women transition into a new civilian career with great benefits. For more information on how to apply for a career with the MDOC please email


Updated: 11/17/23