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In-Person Visiting

Image of a visiting room at Saginaw Correctional Facility

In-Person Visiting

In-Person Visits During COVID-19

Effective January 4, 2022, GTL is now ViaPath Technologies.
The health and safety of staff, the prisoner population and the public remain our top priority. Below you will find CRITICAL information regarding the modified visiting processes and procedures.

While trends are moving in the right direction, which allowed the return of in-person visiting, federal and state public health officials are still concerned about the higher potential for COVID-19 transmissions in prisons and have not recommended further changes at this time. We must continue to follow that guidance at prison facilities.

Therefore, all visitors are still required to wear their masks at all times.

Masks are still required to still be worn by staff and prisoners at all times while inside any building at the facility, except for when prisoners are eating, sleeping, or showering.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and we will continue to provide updates as new information and guidance come out.

It is necessary for all visitors to review this information prior to scheduling a visit. 

To ensure a successful visit, the IN-PERSON VISITS section of Director's Office Memorandum 2022-21R10 should be reviewed prior to scheduling a visit, which includes Attorney, Clergy, Volunteer, Media, and Hospital Visiting information.

Visitors must review the quarantine tables below to ensure the facility or housing unit of their loved one is not currently under outbreak status or housed in a COVID quarantined/isolation unit. Previously scheduled visits will be cancelled if a facility or an individual housing unit goes on outbreak/quarantine. Visitors must routinely monitor this site. They will also receive notification from GTL that any scheduled visits have been cancelled.

Scheduling Procedure

All visitors will agree to visit will receive an antigen test. If the results of the test are positive the visitor will not be able to visit. Documents showing a previous positive within the last 90 days will not be accepted.

In-Person Visiting Schedules by facility can be found here. Please keep in mind that quarantined facilities and individual housing units will not be scheduling visits.

All visitors are required to schedule an appointment using the GTL Scheduler. Approved visitors can schedule a visit here. Visitors are required to schedule their visit at least 72 HOURS in advance of the scheduled visit, but not more than 7 DAYS prior to the visit. 

The visits will be limited to two hours. 

A maximum of two visitors may visit a prisoner at one time.

Pre-Visit Screening Process

To ensure enough time for the pre-screening process, visitors must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled visit. The MDOC recommends visitors arrive at the facility 45 minutes before their scheduled visit.

Prior to the visit, MDOC staff will inform the visitor of the screening process which shall include a temperature check and an antigen rapid test for anyone two years and older. Visitors shall follow the instructions for providing an antigen test by swabbing themselves. Visitors are also required to pass the MDOC screening process for COVID-19 before entering the facility. Visitors will also be required to sign a waiver prior to their visit. If the test result is negative, they will be allowed in the building to continue screening measures and proceed to their visit.

If a visitor is dropped off at the facility and then tests positive for COVID-19 or fails the screening process they must have arrangements made in advance for someone to pick them up or a means of contacting someone to pick them up. Individuals who test positive or fail the screening process will not be able to enter or occupy the facility's lobby.

Each visitor will be required to review and sign a COVID-19 General Waiver and Release of Liability. Accompanying adults will be required to complete a form for any minor children who will be taking part in the visit. The facility will provide the necessary form, but they are available for review in the links below.

Once inside, visitors will place their mask in a locker and will be provided a mask by the facility that must be worn during the visit. Children under the age of two will not be required to wear a mask.

The prisoner they are visiting will also have to take a rapid test first and have a negative test result before being allowed the visit.

During Your Visit

During visits, interactions will be modified. Elevated health and safety protocols are in place and include hand sanitizer and plexiglass, which will be installed at facility front desks, in the gate area, and in the visiting room. 

Visitors will be given a disposable wristband to apply to their wrist prior to exiting the gate. All wristbands must be removed after each visit. Visitors are not allowed to leave with the wristband.

During the visit, one embrace between the prisoner and their visitors is permitted at the beginning and end of each visit. No other physical contact is permitted at this time.

Vending machines will not be operational. Visitors are not permitted to bring money or prepaid vending cards through the gate. Visitors are also prohibited from bringing food and drink items through the gate. Water will be available for prisoners and visitors in separate locations.

Bathroom breaks shall be permitted during visits, however, time used for the bathroom counts towards the two-hour duration of the visit.

Prisoners may purchase photo tickets, however, only individual photos are allowed at this time.

In-person visits may be restricted for the reasons set forth in PD 05.03.140 "Prisoner Visiting" and for the following reasons:
1. Refusal to wear a mask or refusal to properly wear a mask.
2. Failure to follow social distancing guidelines.

Quarantine Tables

Please keep in mind that a single housing unit may be under quarantine while the rest of the facility is not. It is critical that you review both facility-wide and housing unit quarantines prior to traveling for your scheduled visit. The listing will change often.

Prisoners housed in the following facilities and/or housing units will not be allowed in-person visits at this time:

Facilities Currently Under Full Quarantine

Facility Name
Reason for Quarantine Date Quarantine Went into Effect
G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility (JCF)  Non-COVID 05/19/22


Individual Housing Units Currently Under Quarantine

 Facility Name Housing Unit Reason for Quarantine Date Quarantine Went into Effect
Charles E. Egeler Reception and Guidance Center (RGC)
Cell Blocks COVID-19 04/25/22
Charles E. Egeler Reception and Guidance Center (RGC)
C-Unit, D Wing COVID-19 05/03/22
Muskegon Correctional Facility (MCF) Unit 3 and 6 Non-COVID 05/06/22
Duane Waters Health Center (DWHC) 3 West COVID-19 05/10/22
Ionia Correctional Facility (ICF)  Units 6 and 7 COVID-19 05/16/22
Parnall Correctional Facility (SMT)  B South COVID-19 05/17/22
G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility (JCF) TA Non-COVID 05/17/22
Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility (IBC) Unit 7 COVID-19 05/18/22
Thumb Correctional Facility (TCF) Essex B COVID-19 05/20/22


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