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Michigan Parole Board Hearing--Bradley Bruce 291396


 Leo Lalonde (517) 373-6391 Contact:


FEBRUARY 15, 2005


The Michigan Parole Board will hold a public hearing on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005to consider the possible commutation of sentence for Bradley Bruce, #291396. It will be held at ,9 a.m. at Duane Waters Hospital, Jackson.


Bradley Bruce is serving two concurrent sentences of 1 year 4 months - 5 years for the crimes of False Pretenses $1,000 or more but less than $20,000 and Conspiracy-False Pretenses $1,000 or more but less than $20,000. He   was sentenced on July 1, 2004from ,LenaweeCounty.


The hearing is required under MCLA 791.244 prior to any recommendation for executive clemency by the Michigan Parole Board.