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Tuscola County Agent Toni Narvais-Cooklin named MDOC's 2018 Parole/Probation Agent of the Year

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Lansing, Mich. – Toni Narvais-Cooklin is the Michigan Department of Corrections’ 2018 Candice Dunn Parole/Probation Agent of the Year for her continuous efforts to learn, improve her skills and bring new ideas to the department.

“Agent Narvais-Cooklin has a clear passion for helping others,” Michigan Department of Corrections Director Heidi Washington said. “She routinely goes above and beyond to assist her colleagues and to guide those under her supervision to more successful lives. She sets the bar high in all that she does and we are proud to have her as part of our team.”

Narvais-Cooklin, a Tuscola County parole and probation agent, has worked for the MDOC for 18 years.

She has served on the MDOC Recruitment Team and as the internship coordinator for the region, helping to draw new talent to the department.  She has worked with the Sobriety Court, has supervised specialty caseloads, and regularly volunteers for all available training both in and outside the department to relay what she has learned to her colleagues in corrections.

Narvais-Cooklin said she loves learning and appreciates the many opportunities she has had to gain new skills to provide positive guidance and direction to offenders.

This is the first year the MDOC’s Parole/Probation Agent of the Year Award is named for Candice Dunn.

Dunn was the department’s 2017 Parole/Probation Agent of the Year and was killed in a car accident the night she was recognized for her achievement at an MDOC Employee Appreciation Banquet. The award was named for her to honor her legacy.

Other nominees for Parole/Probation Agent of the Year included: Lennie Alcorn, of the Monroe County Parole and Probation Office; Dionne Byers, of the Detroit Metro Parole Office; Nayatt Castelein, of the Ingham County Probation Office; William Fleming, of the Grand Traverse County Computer Crimes Unit; Rachel Jarnagin, of the Pontiac Probation Office; Valarie Landon, of the Southwest District Probation Office; Annegret Remmert, of the Kalamazoo County Parole and Probation Office; Tom Roys, an institutional parole agent at Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility; David Tumpkin, of the Eastern District Probation Office; Ken Werner, of the Ogemaw County Parole and Probation Office and Sean Wiltenburg of the Muskegon County Parole Office.