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Michigan Department of Corrections Selects Probation Agent Philip Joslyn as 2024 Agent of the Year

Contact: Kyle Kaminski

Michigan Department of Corrections Selects Probation Agent Philip Joslyn as 2024 Agent of the Year

Muskegon, MI. – The Michigan Department of Corrections is proud to announce that Probation Agent Philip Joslyn, who works with the Muskegon County Recovery Court, was selected as the Department’s 2024 Agent of the Year. Philip’s impact on this program over the past four years has been significant, as he has helped support over 100 successful participants.

Agent Joslyn was selected because of his approach to working with those on his caseload. He balances accountability with his role as a coach and his motivation to assist offenders under his supervision in achieving success in their recovery and life beyond the criminal justice system. Recovery Court judge, program staff, enforcement officer, and attorneys have recognized his focus on coaching those in the specialty court as a key component in the program’s overall success. 

“Agent Joslyn embodies the most effective approach to long-term public safety, as he recognizes that helping those on his caseload achieve sobriety, employment, and stability also helps keep Muskegon County safe,” said Michigan Department of Corrections Director Heidi E. Washington. “It is an honor to recognize Philip for his work and his selection as the MDOC’s 2024 Agent of the Year.”

Probation Agent Philip Joslyn has worked for the MDOC for over a decade. He started his career with the state as a Corrections Officer before moving to the Field Operations Administration. He has worked in the Muskegon Probation Office since 2016. Philip is a Marine Corps Veteran, husband, and father who is involved in various volunteer efforts to support his community.

Agent Joslyn and other Michigan Department of Corrections staff will be recognized for their work at an employee appreciation event at the Lansing Center in May.