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Beneficiary Designation Forms
Beneficiary Designation Contacts

Beneficiary Designation in Self-Service

Every employee is responsible for completing and updating separate beneficiary designation forms for each type of available benefit.  Employees are then encouraged to retain copies of these documents in a safe place. But, even if these copies are lost, the originals are always retained by the employee's Human Resources Office, or by the State's designated benefit plan administrator(s).

Beneficiary Designation Forms


Beneficiary Designation Contacts
  • Human Resources Office - Submit your Beneficiary Designation or Change Form CS-1781 for Last Check Benefit & Life Insurance Benefits.
  • Office of Retirement Services (ORS) at 800-381-5111 - Manage Defined Benefit beneficiary designations online at ORS MiAccount logo miAccount. Pension benefits for State employees hired before March 31, 1997, unless the employee selected the Defined Contribution Plan, see ING below.
  • MI HR Service Center 877-766-6447 - Assistance with beneficiary designation on HR Self-Service.
  • Benefits for Life 888-825-8395 - Beneficiary designation for any voluntary benefits purchased solely by the employee during employment.
  • Voya 800-748-6128 - Manage Defined Contribution, 401K, and/or 457 beneficiary designations online at Voya 401k/457 Plans Web Site.
  • Department of State Police, Human Resources Division 517-336-6527 - Beneficiary designation.
 Guide to Beneficiary Designation in HR Self-Service

No need to complete a paper form, update your beneficiary forms online for your employee last check benefit & employee life insurance. Online designations will replace any prior designations made. You may also contact the MI HR Service Center 877-766-6447 for assistance with the online process. 

1. Using Internet Explorer enter in your address bar:

2. After arriving at the HR Gateway you will need to choose "HR Self-Service."  

3. A security pop-up box will appear; choose OK.  
4. You will then be prompted to login to HR Self-Service. Your username will be your "h" ID, if your ID number has only 6 numbers make sure to enter the number zero after the h. Your system-generated password is 8 characters and consists of a combination of letters, numbers, and possibly a symbol.   If you need password assistance, please contact the MI HR Service Center at 877-766-6447.  
5. After logging in you will be taken to the home screen where on the left hand side you will need to select "Benefits."
6. And then select "Beneficiary."
7. From this screen you can choose to add Individual beneficiaries or a trust.
8. After selecting either Individual or Trust a detail box will display. Within the detail box you will want to add as much information as possible about your beneficiary; however you must complete all fields with a red star. After completing the necessary information use the scroll bar on the right side and click the submit button to enter your information.
9. After entering your beneficiaries information it will display as such. You may continue to add more than one beneficiary keeping in mind that you are limited to naming only one primary and one contingent beneficiary unless children are named. If children are designated those listed will share the benefit equally.
10. Once you have completed your beneficiary designation for the LAST CHECK plan, you must complete the same steps for the STATE 2X EMPLOYEE LIFE plan.


Once you have completed all of these steps all of your beneficiary designations are saved, and there is no need to submit further documentation.

If you need assistance with any of the above steps please contact the MI HR Service Center at 1-877-766-6447.


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