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Performance Management User Guide Employee Reviews and Certifies Performance Review

After the supervisor completes the review and certifies, the employee receives an email notification that the supervisor has certified the review.

Employee Reviews and Certifies the Review

Open Employee self-service and clicks on Employee/Performance Management/Main Menu.
Click Update a Review Certify/Finalize a Review Add Progress Review Notes/Modify a Certified Plan button.
Click Competencies button and review. Review comments.
Click Objectives/Factors and review. Review any comments.
Note: Text cannot be cut and pasted from a word document into the web screens.
Optional: Comments can be added by clicking on Progress Review/Comments. Click Save Comments.
Click on the box under Certification: Review Employee. A pop-up box appears. Click OK to agree. The date the employee certified the plan appears in red.
Click Back to Main Menu.
Certification is complete.