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Performance Management User Guide How to Create a Performance Plan - Supervisor Creates Plan

Remember when performance plans for employees were all done on paper forms? Now plans can be completed on-line in self-service! Don’t forget supervisors and employees still need to meet face to face to discuss the plan. Some supervisors prefer to have their employees create the first draft of their plans. Some supervisors prefer to draft the plan themselves. This system accommodates either method.

Supervisor Creates Plan

Email notification received to create an employee performance plan. Supervisors without an email address receive notification from their Human Resources office.
Open personal self-service account. [Using Internet Explorer 6.0 (5.5 will also work), open and click on Go to Self-Serv NOW! Log in and enter your user name (h and your seven digit employee ID number. Add a zero in front of the number if you only have a six number employee I.D.) Your password is the computer generated password you received.
Click Manager/ Performance Management/Main Menu.
Click on the specific employee name and the Performance Management Main Menu appears.
Verify correct employee name appears at the top of the page.
Click Create/Update an Uncertified Plan button.
The current rating period will be displayed.
Optional: Check the Prevent Employee Access button so employee can’t access until plan is completed OR do not click if employee access is permitted.
Click the Competencies button. Competencies populate based on the employee’s classification. (After the initial plan is created, competencies and objectives can be copied from the previous plan by clicking Copy Competencies/Objectives from a previous plan.)
If there are required competencies, the Selected Competencies form appears with required competencies displayed.
Click on the Full Description button to view a description of the competency.
Click Select/Add Competencies to display full list. Add competencies by clicking in the box next to the competency. Required competencies cannot be deleted or changed.
Click the Save Selections to Plan button and click Back to Selected Competencies Menu.
Optional: Click Link to BARS document button (Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale). This links to appropriate group information for the employee. Close window by clicking on the X in the upper right-hand corner. Click Back to Plan Menu.
Note: Text cannot be copied or cut and pasted from word document.
Optional: Click on Comments button next to each competency to add additional information. Type in Comments. Click Save Comments. Click Back to Selected Competencies. If a comment has been entered and saved, a red asterisk will appear next to the Comment button.
Note: Selected competencies may be deleted by clicking in the delete box next to the competency.
Based on your department policy, click Development Plan button. Type in comments in text box. Click Save button. Click Back to Selected Competencies button. Click Back to Plan Menu.
Click the Objectives/Factors button. Add a new objective by typing in the objective text box (after the initial plan is created objectives can be copied from a previous plan).
Click Save this Objective. Objectives are numbered as created.
Click on Add New Objective to add additional objectives. Switch back and forth between the objectives by clicking on the number in the blue bar or click Next or Previous.
Click Save Changes every time an objective is changed. To delete an objective, click on the number in the blue bar or click Next or Previous to find objective. Click Delete this Objective button. A pop-up box appears Do you wish to delete this objective? Click OK or cancel to ignore.
Click Back to Plan Menu.
Warning: these objectives will renumber themselves after each deletion so do not base deletions on Objective number.
Next step is certifying the performance plan. The supervisor and employee must meet before certifying the plan. The supervisor reviews the plan and checks the supervisor box OR the supervisor can delay certifying until employee has reviewed plan and possibly made changes. The supervisor will review all sections and then certify.
Click back to Main Menu. Click Back. Select another employee or close the window by clicking on X in the upper right-hand corner.
Note: Supervisors and employees can review or make changes to the performance plan during the plan period before certification. After certification, the plan can be viewed under the Review menu.
Note: See the Supervisor Certifies the Plan User Guide for instructions on how to certify the plan.