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Performance Management User Guide Supervisor Certifies the Performance Review

When the performance review is completed, it can be certified. A face-to-face meeting is held with the employee prior to certification so any changes can be incorporated.

Supervisor Certifies the Performance Review

Go to self-service and click Manager/Performance Management/Main Menu.
Click on the specific employee name and the Performance Management Main Menu appears.
Verify correct employee name appears at the top of the page.
Click Certify/Finalize a Review button.
De-select the Prevent Employee Access box if previously selected.
On the Review Menu, under Certification: Review, Supervisor, click the box.
A pop-up box appears. Click OK to certify or cancel to ignore. The date of certification appears.
Note: Email notification is sent to the employee that the supervisor certified the plan. Employee can review the plan and certify it, refuse to certify it or agree to the plan and not have computer access. Employee cannot change a certified plan, only add comments. See supervisor options below.
After discussion with employee, a supervisor can click Access Override if the employee does not have access to a computer. A hard copy of the performance review needs to be printed and signed by the supervisor and employee.
After discussion with the employee, a supervisor can click on Refusal override when an employee refuses to certify. An email is sent to the employee indicating the supervisor has selected the Refusal Override option.
Note: The supervisor portion of certifying the review is complete. An email will be sent to the employee notifying them that the supervisor has certified the review.