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Performance Management User Guide Supervisor Certifies the Plan

Note: A face to face meeting with the employee is required before certifying the plan. The supervisor reviews the plan. The supervisor can check the supervisor box which applies an electronic signature OR the supervisor can delay certifying until employee has reviewed the plan and made any changes. The supervisor will review all sections and then certify. The date of certification appears next to the supervisor box.

Supervisor Certifies the Plan

Open personal self-service account.
Click Manager/ Performance Management/Main Menu.
Click on the specific employee name.
Verify correct employee name appears at the top of the Performance Management Main Menu page.
Click Create/Update an Uncertified Plan button.
The current rating period will be displayed.
Click Competencies and review selection.
Note: Text cannot be copied or cut then pasted from a word document.
Click Comments button next to each competency with a red asterisk and review. Click Save Comment if changes are made. Click Back to Selected Competencies.
Click Development Plan button next to each competency and review. Click Save. Click Back to Selected Competencies.
Click Back to Plan Menu.
Click Objectives/Factors button and review each objective.
If changes are made, click Save Changes. Click Back to Plan Menu.
De-select the Prevent Employee Access box if previously selected.
To certify the plan, click on the box under supervisor in the certification area of the Plan Main Menu.
A pop-up box appears. Click OK to complete certification.
Note: If Prevent Employee Access is still selected, a warning box will pop-up stating box is still selected. It must be deselected before plan is certified.
Click OK and the date of certification appears in red next to supervisor box.
Note: Employee receives email notification that the supervisor certified the plan. Employee can review the plan and certify it, refuse to certify it or agree to the plan and not have computer access. Employee cannot change a certified plan, only add comments. See supervisor options below.
After discussion with employee, click Access Override if the employee does not have access to a computer. A hard copy of the performance plan needs to be printed and signed by both the supervisor and employee.
After discussion with the employee that refuses to certify plan, click Refusal Override. Employee receives email notification that the supervisor chose Refusal Override.
Note: The appointing authority may review the plan and certify it.