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Performance Management User Guide Supervisor Completes the Performance Review

Before the supervisor certifies the performance review, a face to face meeting with the employee must be scheduled.

Supervisor Completes the Performance Review

Email notification received that the Performance review is due for a specific employee or HR receives an email and notifies the supervisor.
Open self-service account at and click on “Go to Self-Serv NOW!” Click Manager/Performance Management/Main Menu.
Click on the employee that is scheduled for a review. The Performance Management Main Menu appears.
Verify that the correct employee name appears at the top of the page.
Click Update a Review Certify/Finalize a Review Add Progress Review Notes/Modify a Certified Plan button.
Verify the current rating period.
Optional: Click on Prevent Employee Access button to prevent the employee from seeing the review in process or don’t click if access is permitted.
Note: Text cannot be cut or copied then pasted from a word document.
Click Competencies button.
Optional: Click Full Description for a description of the competency.
Optional: Click Comments button and add comments in the text box. Go to the end of the comments listed and type in new comments. Click Save Comments. Click Back to Selected Competencies.
Based on your department policy, click Development Plan button. Type in comments in the text box. Click Save Comments. Click Back to Selected Competencies.
Click the drop down menu for each competency and select a rating.
Optional: Click Link to BARS Document to view behaviorally anchored rating scale.
Click Save Changes to Current Review to save ratings. A pop-up box appears. Click OK. Click Back to Review Menu.
Click Objectives/Factors button.
Add evaluation comments in the evaluation text box. Click Save Changes.
Click the Next Objective/Evaluation button.
Click Back to Review Menu when all evaluations are complete.
Click drop down menu next to Overall Rating. Select an overall rating by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting a rating.
Note: The Unsatisfactory rating is only listed for probationary reviews. Annual reviews will include Needs Improvement rating.
Note: If an Unsatisfactory or Needs Improvement rating is selected, an email is sent to the HR office. The employee is locked out of the review when an unsatisfactory rating is given.