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Paid Parental Leave of Absence

Having a baby or adopting a child? Congratulations! A Paid Parental Leave provides new parents employed by state government with paid time off after the birth or adoption of their child. You may be eligible for a 12-week paid leave.

Before baby's arrival:

Adoption of children related by blood or marriage or of a child over 6 years of age does not qualify you to take a Paid Parental Leave. You may be eligible to take an unpaid parental leave.

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    • Once you submit your application, the DMU will send you:
      • a letter detailing your current FMLA entitlements
      • a letter approving or denying your leave
        Note: Allow 5-7 business days from receipt of documentation for processing.
    • Until your leave is approved or denied, remember to follow your agency's call-in procedure.

    • Contact the DMU as soon as possible to provide the actual date of birth or adoption to ensure accurate timekeeping
      • Note: You will receive an updated approval letter with the actual leave start and return to work dates.
    • Submit a copy of the child's birth certificate or adoption paperwork to the DMU within 31 days of the birth or adoption
    • To enroll child in your state-sponsored benefits:
      • Call the MI HR Service Center within 31 days of the birth or adoption at 877-766-6447, option 1.
      • Fax a copy of birth certificate to both the MI HR Service Center at 517-241-5892 and DMU at 517-241-6898. Failure to submit a copy of the birth certificate to the DMU may result in denial or revocation of your approved Paid Parental Leave.
    • Planning on taking time off after your Paid Parental Leave ends?
      • Apply for a Parental Leave after your Paid Parental Leave is completed.



    • FMLA allows eligible employees up to 12 workweeks in any 12 months for;
      • the birth and care of a newborn,
      • for the placement of a child, or the adoption or foster of a child,
      • to care for a family member (child, spouse, parent) with a serious health condition,
      • or for an employee's own serious health condition.
    • FMLA entitlement will run concurrently with a Paid Parental Leave
    • You may be eligible for a Paid Parental Leave even if you do not have remaining FMLA entitlement available.
    • Not sure if you qualify for FMLA? 



    • You or your supervisor must enter your time into SIGMA using the corresponding pay codes once you have notified the DMU of the actual date of birth or adoption:
      • PPLV, PPL2, PPL3 - Paid Parental Leave pay codes to receive base pay while on leave
      • HOL1, HOL2, HOL3 - Holidays that fall during a Paid Parental Leave
    • Questions on entering your time?


  • Insurance Benefits will continue while on a Paid Parental Leave and premiums will continue to be deducted from your payroll.


    • If you have been medically unable to work due to birth, you must:
      • Provide DMU a medical release to return to full-duty work prior to the end of the Paid Parental Leave. This may be written on your health care provider's letterhead/Rx pad, or you may print and fax a DMU Return to Work Form
      • If your doctor has given work restrictions, the DMU and your agency will evaluate if the essential job functions are compatible with any work restrictions. Keep in mind that all restrictions must be approved before returning to work.
    • Contact the DMU on the day of your return to work so they can close your leave.


  • You can visit our FAQs to find out information on timekeeping, continuing insurances, returning to work, and more...