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Critical Incident Stress Management Program

The Employee Service Program (ESP) coordinates and oversees the statewide Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) program. This program consists of ESP staff and a certified team of specially-trained employee volunteers from nine different state departments. CISM services are available to all State of Michigan employees who have experienced a traumatic incident related to the workplace. A traumatic or critical incident is a powerful event that is unexpected, distressing, and can trigger crisis reactions. Traumatic incidents in the workplace can be experienced, witnessed, or responded to by employees. Examples include:

  • Acts of violence
  • On-site employee death or severe injury
  • Employee suicide and employee homicide
  • Responding to inmate/patient/customer death or severe injury

It is common to experience symptoms of critical incident stress or crisis reactions after exposure to a traumatic event. While these crisis reactions are typically temporary, best practice responses show that employees can benefit from support and education following a traumatic incident. CISM services validate and support the normal response and recovery process as well as provide resources and referral options if needed.

Services Offered

If an area has experienced a traumatic incident, management should contact the Department's CISM Coordinator or the Employee Service Program. The CISM Department Coordinator and/or ESP will consult with management regarding the incident to gather relevant information and provide information on CISM services. The specific service(s) to be provided is recommended and approved by ESP, the State CISM Coordinating office, and authorized by department leadership.

There are several different types of CISM services offered. The specific service recommended and its timing is based on many factors following best practices in the field.

Requesting CISM Services

Contact ESP the State CISM Coordinating Office at 1-800-521-1377 or your Department CISM Coordinator. The DOC CISM request number is 833-322-9355. If your Department does not have its own CISM Coordinator or you are unable to reach your Department Coordinator, please call ESP.