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People spend a majority of their day in the workplace and suspecting a co-worker or employee is considering hurting themselves can be confusing and overwhelming. On this page you will find information and resources to assist you with the very important goal of preventing suicide in the workplace.


As an employee, you spend a lot of time with your fellow co-workers and may know one whom you believe is struggling with thoughts of self-harm. Being aware of the warning signs of suicide and methods for reaching out to a co-worker can be extremely valuable. If you have concerns for a co-worker, you may consult confidentially with Employee Service Program (ESP) as well as contact your HR office. Working together we can save lives.

The Role of Co-Workers in Preventing Suicide in the Workplace (PDF)

How and Why the Five Steps Can Help

BeThe1to SAVE a LIFE - John Draper, Director of The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline presents 5 simple steps that can help you prevent a suicide.

Managers and HR

If you have concerns for a state employee, please contact ESP or consultation. ESP has developed specific risk-guideline strategies to help with these difficult situations. In an imminent risk situation, please contact 911 or the local police for emergency assistance.

The Role of Managers in Preventing Suicide in the Workplace (PDF)

Supervising an Employee with Suicidal Concerns (PDF)

In the tragic situation where the suicide of a state employee does occur, the State of Michigan's Critical Incident Stress Management program is available to provide services to employees and management. Please contact your CISM Department Coordinator or the Employee Service Program at 1-800-521-1377 for more information or to request services.

Manager's Guide to Suicide Postvention in the Workplace