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What's New in Benefits

Benefits Open Enrollment (BOE) ran from October 17, 2022 through November 4, 2022 as a single, combined enrollment period that gave employees the ability to enroll in or change both benefit and FSA elections for the 2023 calendar year. The effective date for elections and changes is January 12023 and they will first be reflected on the January 5, 2023 paycheck.  Deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums (OOPMs) also reset on January 1, 2023. The final day of the 2023 plan year is December 31, 2023. November 14, 2022 was the deadline for providing supporting documentation (e.g., marriage certificate, birth certificate, adoption paperwork) to the MI HR Service Center for individuals newly-added to benefits. 

Employees do not need to re-enroll during BOE each year to retain existing insurance elections, but are are strongly encouraged to review elections to ensure their benefits will meet their needs for the coming year. FSA elections do not automatically renew. Employees must re-enroll each year if they wish to participate in the FSA benefit.

The BOE website,, remains the one-stop-shop for enrollment information, and is still the home for FSA resources as well.

*Auditor General and Judicial employees should submit all supporting documentation to their HR office instead of the MI HR Service Center.

There were several plan changes to note during BOE this year. While it is important to review benefits annually to ensure elections will meet your needs for the coming plan year, it is particularly important to weigh your options when there are multiple changes and plan enhancements occurring.

Priority Health and Catastrophic Health Plan Elimination

Effective January 1, 2023, the Priority Health and the Catastrophic Health Plan will no longer be offered to state employees. Enrollees needed elect new health plans during BOE to receive health insurance coverage in 2023.

If no new health insurance plan was elected, enrollment and coverage in the Priority Health HMO and Catastrophic health plan expires on January 1, 2023. Enrollees were contacted directly by both email and mail with additional details and info. Visit the Heath Plan Elimination page for more information.

Benefit Plan Enhancements

State Health Plan PPO (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan)

  • $0 telemedicine copays for medical and Behavioral Health/Substance Use Disorder (BH/SUD) services when using BCBSM’s online vendor, AmWell
  • Male sterilization covered 100% in-network

State Dental Plan (Delta Dental PPO and Premier networks)

  • Lifetime orthodontics maximum increased to $1,750
  • Sealants for members under age 14 covered 100%

State Vision Plan (EyeMed)

  • Coverage for non-medically necessary contact lenses increased to $150
  • Co-pay for frames will be reduced to $0
  • Glasses or contact lenses may be replaced be every 12 months without a change in prescription (previously every 24 months)
  • Computer glasses may be replaced every 12 months if the prescription differs from the regular pair
  • $1,000 lifetime Lasik reimbursement extended to spouses of active employees

HMO Insurance Premium Rate Increases

Employees are encouraged to review all aspects of their benefit elections every year, rates included. This year, many HMOs have an increase in bi-weekly premiums. It is important to take these changes into account when making your benefit elections. The effective date for elections and changes is January 1, 2023 and they will first be reflected on the January 5, 2023 paycheck.

Please visit the Insurance Rates page to review premiums as part of your BOE preparation review this year.

MSPTA-Represented (T01) Eligibility Changes

MSPTA-represented (T01) employees are eligible to enroll in the State HDHP with HSA* during BOE. MSPTA-represented employees who enroll in the State HDHP with HSA will have an effective date of January 1, 2023, as with all other benefit changes and new enrollments during BOE.

Additionally, MSPTA-represented employees are eligible to add an Other Eligible Adult Individual** (OEAI) and an OEAI’s eligible dependent children to their health insurance coverage during BOE.

*OEAIs are excluded from enrollment in the State HDHP with HSA.

**OEAIs are eligible to be added to health plans for all represented and non-exclusively represented (NERE) employees except Legislative and Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) employees.

Benefit Premium Holiday

In the spring of 2023, there will be a benefit premium holiday applied to enrollees in the State Dental Plan, the State Vision Plan, and/or the Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan. During a premium holiday, payroll deductions used to pay insurance premiums will be suspended for a period to time as the state balances fund balances.

This means employees enrolled in these plans will see an increase to their paychecks during these periods. When the premium holiday concludes, payroll deductions will resume and employees will see their paychecks return to their standard rate of pay. No action is required to participate and enrollment in these plans is not affected. More information will be provided next year, including the dates and duration of the premium holidays.