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Office of Technical Complaints

The Office of Technical Complaints (OTC) responds to technical complaints filed by appointing authorities, employees, applicants, and labor organizations who are dissatisfied with Civil Service Commission staff decisions in the areas of classification, selection, appointments, disbursements, and military benefits. The OTC also reviews decisions by appointing authorities involving appointments and by Civil Service Commission staff revoking appointments.

Further information on technical complaint processes can be obtained from the following sources:

Regulation 8.02: Technical Classification and Qualification Complaints
Regulation 8.03: Technical Disbursement Complaints
Regulation 8.04: Technical Appointment Complaints
Regulation 8.07: Technical Military Benefit Complaints

CS-212 Technical Complaint Form

Note: All filings with the OTC must be submitted by email to

For common questions on filing a technical complaint, please review the OTC Frequently Asked Questions. You may also ask questions on procedures for filing, request an extension of the time limit for filing, or file a technical complaint at: