Historical Marker Program

  • The Michigan Historical Marker Program was established by the legislature and governor in 1955. Since then, more than 1,700 have been placed all across the state—and in several other states and Europe—making Michigan's one of the premier marker programs in the nation.

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  • It’s easy; just launch our map in your browser – you don’t need a special app.

    • Click on your current location or on a place you are planning to visit and find a marker.  Michigan’s stories are waiting there for you!
    • You can also check out tours of markers associated with special themes, such as Lighthouses, the Civil War and the Michigan Freedom Trail.  Or pick a time period.  
    • Under the List tab, you’ll find a database of all the markers.  You can organize it by any column (just click on its name) or create your own word or location search.

    A database this big is always a work in progress, so please contact us at MHCinfo@Michigan.gov if you see something we should change.

    Find a Marker

Higgins Lake Nursery historical marker in front of a nursery building.
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