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Caring for Markers

The manufacturer of Michigan Historical Markers recommends washing the marker twice per year with mild soap (i.e. dish detergent) and water and a soft bristle brush. The spring and late fall would be most advisable. It is imperative that the soap be mild and the brush soft so as not to abrade the surface of the marker.

Additionally, care should be taken not to damage the posts with lawn mowers, snow blowers, weed trimmers, etc. Constant contact with machinery may cause the aluminum skin on the posts to split and peel.

The Michigan Historical Commission recommends planting a small flower bed around the base of the marker or adding landscaping in order to discourage close contact with machines.

Refinishing a marker

After many years, a historical marker may begin to show wear. Do not paint the marker yourself! If it needs to be refinished, contact the Marker Coordinator at 517-331-7374 or The marker must be shipped to the manufacturer, where the surface will be stripped and repainted. The result will be a "like-new" historical marker.

New posts are available for purchase at any time.

Please consult the Michigan Historical Marker price list for current pricing on marker refinishing and posts.

Marker Repair and Replacement Fund

The Michigan Historical Commission has established a small fund to assist with marker repairs and replacement. Please consult the Marker Repair and Replacement Fund policy before filling out the Marker Repair and Replacement Fund application.

Updated 03/15/2021