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Michigan History

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Michigan History

Engage with Michigan history at Michiganology, our companion website where we house our online digital collections, host a blog with unique stories we've uncovered through our collections and research, and post information designed for young learners.

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Online Collection

The online collection at Michiganology includes Archives of Michigan research guides and indexes, as well as access to more than three million state and local government records and private manuscripts, maps and photographs.

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Michigan Stories

Explore our story archive for a leisurely Look at Michigan's stories and traditions from yesterday to yesteryear. Written by our staff, each post shares a unique story we've uncovered while researching in our collections, provides educational activities for teachers and parents or shares tips for taking care of your personal historical collections.

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For Kids

In Michigan, learning is fun! Follow the link below and then open the Learn menu. You'll discover how Michigan achieved statehood, how Lansing became the capital city, about Michigan's state symbols, about archaeology projects around the state, and many other interesting facts about Michigan. 

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The Great Lakes have provided transportation for Michigan's inhabitants for hundreds of years. Vessels from canoes to car ferries and steamers to modern ore boats have sailed these "inland seas," and about 6,000 vessels have been lost. Approximately 1,500 of these ships sank in Michigan waters.

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