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MI Kids Matter

provider reading to group of smiling engaged children in classroom

MI Kids Matter

mother holding and smiling at newborn as dad holds arm around her and looks over her shoulder at baby

Why Participating In Your Child's Learning Matters

The little things you do with your child in their early years make a big difference throughout their school years and later in life.

Mi Kids Matter is your place to find what you need to give your child their best chance at health, happiness and success later in life. Throughout this site, we have provided information, resources and programs to take you from pregnancy through age 5 and beyond.

Ages 0 - 3 are the Most Crucial for a Child's Development

80% of brain development happens by age three. The steps you take during these years shape a child’s future health, happiness, learning and success in life. These are simple steps, like talking to them. Interacting with them. Reading, singing and playing with them on a daily basis. Take that first step. 

Get Early Learning Info and Tools

Need Help Finding Child Care?

Great Start to Quality helps families find the best early learning settings for their childrenOnce you choose a child care provider, there will be many positive experiences. You may also have some concerns. Our Concerns in Child Care page has resources for those special situations. 

Information for Parents

Find information and resources to help at every step of your child’s growth and development– from your pregnancy all the way through schoolage. Each section covers development and milestones, social and emotional development, physical health and safety, along with tips and resources Michigan parents can turn to whenever they have questions. Find information by age:


Whether you are a parent, a caregiver, an organization, a physician or just a concerned citizen, there are a lot of ways you can get involved in helping Michigan kids get a great start on life. Find information on groups, events, the Steps initiative, actions you can take and more. 

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