Getting Started

    • The Child Development and Care Handbook has been updated as of April 1, 2021.

    • To see if you qualify for payment assistance, check out the Parent section of our website for details.

Contact US

    • For Questions Regarding:
    • Being a license exempt child care provider call 866-990-3227, ext. 1.
    • Your billing or child care payments call 866-990-3227 ext. 2.
    • License exempt provider criminal history reviews call 866-990-3227, ext. 5.
    • For child care licensing information call 866-685-0006 or visit
    • Great Start to Quality Orientation training, call 877.614.7328 or visit

What's New

  • See the Child Care Relief Fund grant information here.

  • See the REVISED CDC Guidance for Care for School Age Children here.

    COVID ABSENCE HOURS: Providers can call the CDC program office to request a billing exception for absence hours that go beyond 10 consecutive days for COVID program closures or child absences due to COVID. Providers will be asked to verify specific dates along with the children impacted (including child ID) when they call 866-990-3227 to request the absence hour billing exception. Effective March 28th until further notice.


    1099s and Annual Statement of Payments

    1099s and Annual Statements have been sent to all providers for FY20. A few helpful hints:

    • 1099s issued to licensed child care providers will include all grant funding, including parent tuition stipends and CDC subsidy reimbursement funding received prior to 12/31.
      • ​​All known adjustments received prior to 12/31 have been made to 1099s that will be issued.
    • License exempt providers will receive an Annual Statement for child care subsidy funding.

    If you have questions about the amount of your 1099 or Annual Statement of Payments, please call 866-990-3227. If you have questions related to how this impacts your taxes, please contact your tax preparer (see CDC Handbook pages 5 and 6).


  • Week of the Young Child

    Help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Week of the Young Child. Along with thoughtful, passionate, and engaged partners like you, Governor Whitmer is taking a moment to recognize the amazing impact that early educators have on our children, communities, and state.