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Home Visiting Programs for Prenatal to Age 5

dad on couch holding and looking at baby and sitting next to mom as they listen to nurse

Home Visiting Programs for Prenatal to Age 5

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Home Visiting

Home Visiting offers support for those who need it most. New babies don’t come with directions. Anyone who is pregnant or has a young child at home could use some support. Michigan's Home Visiting programs have nurses, educators, social workers, and more who can help. They will come to you, listen to you, and provide support.

What is Home Visiting?

Michigan’s Home Visiting are free, voluntary, early childhood programs designed to provide extra support and training for parents and caregivers. They work one-on-one with families in their homes or at a location the family is most comfortable with.

There are eight different programs focused on giving young children and their families the resources and information they need to succeed.

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About Home Visiting Programs

  • Provide meetings only when and if want them
  • Listen to you & offer support for the whole family
  • Help you find community resources for food, housing, healthcare, and more
  • Can screen your child & check development progress
  • Give free health screenings through some programs
  • Connect you with parent groups or play groups
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What are the Benefits of Home Visiting Programs?

Home Visiting programs help pregnant women and families with children ages birth to five by offering training, support, counseling and more. This includes:

  • Answering questions about topics like feeding, diapering, and sleeping
  • Helping with your child’s health and safety
  • Sharing information on how to support early learning
  • Connecting you with resources to get your GED and find work
  • Supporting you within your home, community and culture
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mom dad and baby on couch while nurse sits on couch across from them

Why are Home Visiting Programs Important?

What you do with your child in these early years really matters. 90% of a child’s brain develops by age five. The early learning support parents, families, and child care providers give during these years can make a big difference.

The nurses, social workers, and educators in the Home Visiting programs can be a trusted resource to give you the tools and information you need to keep your child healthy, safe, and ready for success later in life.

What Home Visiting Programs are Available and Who is Eligible?

There are eight different Home Visiting programs in Michigan. All are available to qualified families at no cost. Not all programs are available in every part of Michigan. Find out what’s available in your area at the Michigan's Home Visiting site.

Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP)

Prenatal - 12 months

This is a program for Medicaid eligible women during pregnancy and continuing through your baby’s first year. Through MIHP, you’ll work with a nurse and social worker to learn the skills you need to stay healthy and have a healthy baby.

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Early Head Start

Birth - 3 Years

Starting during your pregnancy and continuing through age three, Early Head Start programs help parents learn how to develop the skills needed to give your baby a good and healthy start on life.

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Infant Mental Health

Prenatal - 3 Years

This program is centered on helping you build a positive bond between you and your baby. Local community health officials work with families who may be having difficulty bonding with their child and helps them become strong parents.

Get Infant Mental Health Details

Nurse-Family Partnership

Prenatal - 2 Years

The Nurse-Family Partnership program gives care and support to young, first-time moms. You must enroll during your pregnancy. Each mom is partnered with a nurse, who offers help and advice throughout your pregnancy and during your baby’s first two years.

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Healthy Families

Prenatal - 5 Years

Healthy Families America (HFA) also requires enrollment during pregnancy. They work with you to give your child nurturing care that leads to their best chance at a healthy, long, and successful life. Together, you will create a plan based on your interests, questions, concerns and community’s expectations and norms.

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Parents As Teachers

Prenatal - Kindergarten Entry

Parents as Teachers (PAT) believes that a baby’s first and best teacher is their parents and care givers. Get support building a good relationship with your baby. PAT will help you build confidence in how you parent and help your baby grow and learn.

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Family Spirit

Prenatal - 3 Years

Family Spirit is a program for and by Native Americans. It works within your culture to help you be a strong and healthy parent, while supporting the health of your family.

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Play and Learning Strategies

5 months - 15 months

Serving families with babies, ages 5 – 15 months, Play and Learn Strategies (PALS) supports parents in Kent County by teaching them new ways to help their baby and developing stronger bonds.

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More Resources for Parents

Get Positive Parenting Tips

Find parenting tips for every age from the Center for Disease Control website. Learn things you can do with your child to help them develop and get them ready to succeed in school and later in life.

Get Milestone Tracker App

Keep track of when your child should reach certain milestones, and find activities and learning tips with the Center for Disease Control Milestone Tracker app.

Get Early Learning Resources

Ages 0 – 5 are the most crucial for a child’s development. The steps you take during these years shape your child’s future. Learn simple steps, like talking, reading, singing, playing, and interacting with them on a daily basis. Find activities, resources, milestones and more, all in one place.