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License Exempt Providers

provider in home care setting reading to two toddler girls

License Exempt Providers

License Exempt Providers

License exempt (formerly known as unlicensed) Child Care Providers are adults, age 18 or older, who are enrolled to provide child care for up to six children at a time.  License exempt providers can provide care in their own home or the child's home if they are related by blood, marriage or adoption as a:

  • (Great) Grandparent
  • (Great) Aunt or Uncle
  • Sibling (only if the provider and the child do not live together).

License exempt Child Care Providers who are not related to the child can only provide care in the child's home. You must meet requirements and apply to become a license exempt provider in order to receive assistance payments for a child in your care.

Child Care Emergency Preparedness Plan

Michigan Statewide Child Care Emergency Preparedness Plan & Response Plan

License Exempt Provider Application Process 

  • Complete the Child Development and Care (CDC) License Exempt Provider Application. If you have not previously completed the one-time License Exempt Provider Preservice Training , visit MiRegistry to register for training. The application and training processes can be completed at the same time.

    Note: Care provided before the application is submitted and more than 30 days before completing training is not eligible for payment by CDC.


  • Submit the following:

    • completed application

    Note: The name and address on your proofs must match the information on your application. 

    Mail: Child Development and Care Program Provider Enrollment P.O. Box 30267 Lansing, MI 48909

    Fax: 517-284-7529


    By choosing to email documentation, you accept the risks that unencrypted messages and any attachments can be intercepted, read, and copied by other persons other than the intended recipient. 

  • The Child Development and Care (CDC) Program office will contact you for a mandatory phone interview at the phone number listed on the application.


  • Applicant and household member information will be entered into the Provider Enrollment System. Criminal background checks will be completed on the applicant in the following manner:


  • You will receive the Eligibility Decision Notice, which will include your provider ID number. If no criminal history matches were found during your enrollment, the notice will indicate you are approved. If there were criminal history matches found during the enrollment, the notice will indicate you are denied.