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Child Development and Care (CDC) Subsidy

For many families, the cost of safe, quality child care can affect the family budget. The Child Development and Care (CDC) Program may offer payment assistance for child care services for families when the parent is not able to provide child care. Families can apply for Child Development and Care (CDC) assistance, and providers may be eligible to care for subsidy-eligible children in their care or program. The most up to date information about becoming eligible to care for subsidy-eligible children is available in the Child Development and Care Handbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a licensed provider, how do I accept MDHHS CDC subsidy-eligible children?

If you’re currently a licensed provider and wish to accept an MDHHS CDC subsidy-eligible child(ren) into your program, you will need to complete the DHS-4025, Provider Verification form, selecting you as their provider. They will submit the form to MDHHS. No other forms are necessary.

For reimbursement, please review the I-Billing instructions and Billing help information.

How should I bill as a child care provider?

To be paid, you must submit billing information to the Department using I-Billing (Internet Billing). You will need to know:

  • Your provider ID number.
  • Your personal identification number (PIN).
  • The pay period number (see Payment Schedule).
  • The number of hours the child(ren) were in care while the parent attended his or her authorized activity (using your time and attendance records).

How will I be reimbursed?

Payments are based on the parent's eligibility and the child's attendance. Providers submit their billing to the Department every two-weeks and are paid every two weeks. The estimated check mailing date and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) deposit dates are listed on the CDC Payment Schedule. Provider billing information submitted after the deadline, but within seven days of the deadline, will be paid the following week.

Where do licensed providers register to receive electronic payments?

Register to receive electronic payments at Sigma VSS.

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