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Lead Professional Certifications, Requirements, and Scholarships

Learn about each lead professional cerfication, how to get certified, and other information you should know before applying by clicking on the disciplines below. Need assistance in getting certified? You may be eligible for a training scholarship. Eligible certifications include lead abatement worker and lead abatement supervisor. Contact our team to get started by emailing HHSInfo@michigan.gov.   

Lead Abatement Worker

A certified lead abatement worker conducts lead abatement activities under the supervision of a certified lead abatement supervisor. Certification scholarships available! Email HHSInfo@michigan.gov for scholarship information.

Lead Abatement Supervisor

Certified lead abatement supervisors oversee lead abatement projects by supervising lead abatement workers conducting abatement work, preparing occupant protection plans and abatement reports. Supervisors can also perform lead abatement work. Certification scholarships available! Email HHSInfo@michigan.gov for scholarship information.

Lead Abatement Firm

Certified lead abatement firms perform lead abatement services in older homes. 

Lead Inspector

A certified lead inspector identifies lead-based paint by testing all painted surfaces (windows, walls, doors, siding, etc.) using an XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) device. 

Lead Risk Assessor

A certified lead risk assessor identifies lead-based paint hazards using an XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) device to test deteriorated paint, and by collecting dust, soil, and sometimes water samples. 

Elevated Blood Lead Investigator

A certified elevated blood lead investigator identifies lead hazards in personal items as well as lead-based paint, dust, soil, and sometimes water. 

Project Designer

A certified project designer prepares abatement project designs, occupant protection plans, and abatement reports. 

Lead Professional Certification Application

Lead Professional Certification Application (pdf) (inspector, risk assessor, worker, supervisor, investigator, designer)