Become a certified lead professional

Lead Professional Certifications
  • Lead Inspector
  • Lead Risk Assessor
  • Lead Abatement Worker
  • Lead Abatement Supervisor
  • EBL Investigator
  • Lead Abatement Firm
Steps to become a Certified Lead Professional
  1. Submit an application:​ Lead Professional Certification Application (Worker, Supervisor, Inspector,
    Risk Assessor, EBL Investigator).

  2. Obtain training certificate. Register to take lead training course from one of the providers listed. Take
    and pass the course to obtain training certificate.

  3. Submit payment. Payment varies depending on the certification desired. It is due before you
    take the state exam.

  4. Take state exam within six (6) months after successfully passing the training course. Once certified, 
    you must take a refresher course and the state exam every three years
    to retain certification status.

  5. Submit annual fee and renew certification. Annual fee retains status of certification. Renew certification
    by mail or online.
Steps to become a Certified Lead Abatement Firm
  1. Submit:​ Lead Abatement Firm Certification Application; Proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance, or exclusion; Payment

Lead Abatement Firm Certifications expire December 31 each year.