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About Us

Lead Services, and Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance

Together, the Lead Services Section and the Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance Section work to provide lead-safe environments across the State of Michigan. Between the two sections, there are several distinguished programs, including: 

  • Lead Safe Home Program 
  • Community Development Program 
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
  • Lead and Water Program 
  • Lead Professional Certification Program 
  • Lead Professional Enforcement Program 
  • Quality Assurance Program 

Contact us to learn more about our programs and services by calling 866-691-5323 or emailing

Purpose statements:

The Lead Services Section serves to improve the wellbeing of Michigan citizens by promoting safe and healthy environments through multifaceted child, health, and home-based intervention programs, which include public education, community outreach, and collaborations with state and national partners.

The Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance Section works to safeguard Michigan residents from exposure to lead-based hazards by strengthening primary prevention, verification of work practice compliance, and providing certification and accreditation. With a focus on establishing functional relationships between our sections, contractors, and outside vendors; we aim to improve compliance, quality, and the overall landscape of lead hazard control.