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Commissions Administration

Empowering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Michigan

Welcome to the heart of Michigan's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion – our state-level ethnic and advocacy-focused commissions. These commissions serve as vital connectors between marginalized communities and government, addressing unique needs and concerns to build a more just and cohesive society.

The commission's administrative team assists in the development of strategic priorities and provides support through resources, research and advocacy initiatives, aiming to strengthen connections between local communities and state government. Additionally, these administrators work towards achieving the specific goals of their respective commissions.

Meet the Team

Alexander Sahouri headshot

Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs (CMEAA)

Alexander Sahouri

Isabel Montemayor Vazquez headshot

Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan (HLCOM)

Isabel Montemayor-Vazquez Montemayor

Raul Hernandez-Guzman headshot

LGBTQ+ Commission (LGBTQ)

Raul Hernandez Guzman

Mika McAskill headshot

Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission (MAPAAC)

Banjor Musa headshot

Michigan Immigrant and Refugee Advisory Council (MIARC)

Banjor Musa


Guiding Michigan Towards Inclusion

Commissioners are appointed by the Governor and play a crucial role in advising the executive office, legislature and state departments to foster a welcoming and inclusive State of Michigan. Learn more about the key pillars of our commissions:

Voice & Representation: Our commissions advocate for the interests and concerns of specific ethnic and advocacy groups, providing a platform to ensure that the needs and perspectives of marginalized communities are heard and considered.

Cultural Preservation & Promotion: Commissions actively preserve and promote the cultural heritage of specific communities, supporting cultural events, festivals and educational programs that celebrate diversity.

Education Awareness: Engaging in educational efforts, our commissions increase awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized groups. They can often offer training, workshops and resources to promote tolerance and inclusion.

Data Collection and Analysis: Commissions gather essential data on issues related to ethnic and advocacy groups, helping to identify disparities and track progress over time. Data-driven insights can inform policy decisions and resource allocation.

Policy Development & Advocacy: Our commissions play a crucial role in developing policies and programs aimed at improving the lives of the communities they serve. They advocate for policies that promote diversity, protect civil rights and advance social justice.

You are welcome to join us in this collective effort to build a Michigan that embraces and celebrates its rich diversity, ensuring that every voice is heard, and every community feels valued and included! To learn more about becoming a commissioner, check out the Boards and Commissions Portal. To submit an application for appointment, you must first create an account.