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Refugee Services Programming

Social Services

Ensuring our state's resident's collective success requires maximizing every individual's talents and contributions to strengthen both our social and economic prosperity.  The state's Refugee Services program leverages federal, state, and local resources to ensure refugees can contribute to their highest potential and use their talents to make Michigan continue to thrive. Global Michigan's Refugee Services program contracts with various non-profit and local agencies to provide social services to help people start over, become self-sufficient, and integrate with their new community.  We are providing a sturdy foundation to rebuild their lives with the following services:

Employability Services

  • Employment services including a family self-sufficiency and individual employability plan, and other direct employment services provided to all newly arriving refugees and to any refugee needing further assistance who have been in the U.S. under five years
  • Job development, job placement, job retention, and job upgrades
  • Case management services
  • Assessment services, including aptitude and skills testing
  • English language training, interpretation and instruction emphasizing English, as it relates to obtaining and retaining employment
  • Vocational training focused on helping refugees become self-sufficient in the shortest time possible and to aid them in the integration process
  • Professional and skills recertification and assistance with courses leading to certification
  • Transportation services when necessary for participation in an employability service or for the acceptance or retention of employment
  • Translation and interpretation services as necessary in connection with employment or participation in an employability service
  • Assistance for refugees in obtaining Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) or official documents to maintain employment

Other Social Services

  • Information and referral services
  • Health-related services
  • Home-management/financial literacy services
  • Social adjustment/integration services
  • General case management services
  • Citizenship and naturalization preparation

School Impact Services

  • Integration and orientation to the American school system for students and parents
  • Peer support groups for students
  • Family integration activities for parents and students
  • Tutoring and English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Education, technical assistance, and support for local school personnel
  • Case management for alternative education options for High School completion

Services to Refugee Youth

  • Case management and peer support for college and career planning
  • Goal setting and charting a future plan
  • Mentoring program for refugee youth
  • Life skills and independent living courses

Services to Older Refugees

  • Integration services
  • Citizenship/Naturalization services
  • Culturally appropriate delivery of existing services from Area Agencies on Aging
  • Community education and awareness
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program

Global Michigan's Refugee Services Program also partners with Bethany Christian Services  and Samaritas to provide foster care services to unaccompanied refugee, asylee, trafficked, and special immigrant juvenile (SIJS) youth.  The Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM) program helps unaccompanied minors develop appropriate skills to enter adulthood and to achieve social self-sufficiency. 

See our FAQ page (hyperlink) for differences between the URM program and the federal Unaccompanied Alien Children program.