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Consuela Barber-Lopez, Wayne County

A proud native Detroiter of proud Puerto Rican heritage, Consuela Barber-Lopez is a cultural warrior devoted to persevering not just only Puerto Rican heritage but educating all in Latinx cultural and civic leadership as well as highlighting the historic triumphs of civic activism of Metro Detroit’s immigrant communities.

As Executive Director of AMANDLA, which mission focuses on victim/community advocacy and law enforcement engagement, Consuela leads a solutionary based Metro Detroit Anti-Human Trafficking Counsel of diverse cultural grassroots organizations working together in improving our collective response to crimes against children/adults by partnering with Survivors now Warriors, Law Enforcement Agencies, Hospitals/Health Care Providers, Elected & Appointed Officials, and direct service NGOs while engaging community members in trauma informed and victim centered care, intervention training, prevention education, apprehension of perpetrators as well as connect services/resources to victims/survivors/families that includes physical and emotional healing, housing and economic stability to improve their quality of life.

The signature of her community identity revolves around advocating via the arts be it photography, film, dance, music, or organizing cultural festivals in Detroit. Knowing how black and brown communities are oftentimes left out of in the conversations of progress, it is Consuela’s intrinsic desire to create safe spaces that ensure that their voices are empowered through education and leadership development so that they are able to advocate for themselves.

A true legacy leader, Consuela works tirelessly with Detroit’s youth and young adults in cultivating their leadership skills to ensure their rightful place as the new, now, and next homegrown leaders of Metro Detroit and Michigan.